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 by Bryan
Location: Chesterton, IN

Following Randalls advicee. Wich is excellent by the way. I contacted honda for head gaskets for my gl1000. Honda has now discontinued the head gaskets for gl1000. Including the superceded part number Randakk ,invaluably, handed out. Very unfortunate !!!!! Want the best for my bike but, can't have frustrating. Forced to buy inferior parts. Grrrr!!!
Moving on. Would like the " next best thing". Can't find any info on what next best choice is for gl1000 head gaskets. Let's make that info readily available. Thanks and have a good one

Vesrah brand is fine. The Honda Gaskets "come and go," and should be available again in the future.

 by jack callahan
Location: Salisbury, NC

Excellent service, Exceptional parts quality ...takes the fear of other aftermarket kits away.

 by Ron
Location: Fredericksburg, VA

The GL1200 carb rebuild guide is a MUST have for rebuilding the stock carb assembly. It's a great collection of lessons learned along with the procedure. If you decide to rebuild your stock carb set, get the book and you will not regret it.

Ron: Agreed! Howard Halasz has written excellent guides covering both GL1100 and GL1200 carb rebuilds: for the good feedback.

 by Paul Yanney
Location: NC

Good morning Randall. I got the parts the day after I ordered them (can't beat that service, thanks) and split the carbs when I got home. I found exactly what I suspected that the carb to plenum fuel seal was the leaker. Like an idiot, I used a normal metric o-ring from my supply and as we know this is not a "normal" o-ring. I had your tech tip site open on my laptop in my shed putting it back together so I know everything will be right. Your tech tips, pictures and everything are priceless along with the high quality products you sell. Just wanted to say thanks and I have 100% confidence there will be no more issues."