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Master Carb Kits
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 86 reviews
 by AL
Location: Sandwich, IL

Ordered the FT500 Ascot carb kit and couldnt be happier. Only place to have a legitimate full carb kit for the FT500. Kit was in my mailbox in 2 days. I don't have a single complaint. Will definitely recommend to all other FT500 riders.

 by Clark Winn
Location: Gilroy, CA

Good quality components in master kit. Contained all the decel valve parts & accel pump parts. Fit perfectly. Had all the OEM carb kit parts except the slide top gskts. Unfortunately, I needed those gskts. Hope they add those to their products soon.

 by David Baker
Location: Canton, OH

The video is excellent, so is the rebuild kit.

 by Larry
Location: Jennings, LA

Hi Randall, I ordered the GL1500 Mast Carb Kit a couple of weeks ago, and was more than very well-pleased with the quality and content of this kit. It was very nicely packaged in such a manner that it was easy to see where the components went. Finally got it all back together on the bike today and she cranked right up on the 2nd leaks!!! Thanks again for an awesome carb kit.

Larry: Thanks for the good report.

 by Mike Kollmorgan
Location: Marysville, MI

If you ever think about gl1100 carb kits do yourself a favor and buy the Randakks master kit. I paid $129.00 for another kit. I pulled my carbs to clean them and all the seals shrunk. The air cut off and accelerator diaphragm shrunk and no longer fit. Between buying new viton o-ring kits that don't really fit and new air cut off valves, accelerator kit and as many of the Viton seals I could get from Randakk I have spent way over the cost of a master kit. Also you won't get better support then Randakks people.

 by Dave
Location: Akron, OH

What more can be said about Randakk's that hasn't already been said? I've purchased two kits from him, one for my DOHC CB750 and one for my 83 GL1100, plus his GL1100 guide. Both kits were 100% perfect down to the tiniest O-ring. A little pricey, yes, but you DEFINITELY get what you pay for. I rebuilt my CB750 carbs with a kit off the internet first, and it failed shortly after. Randakk's products are top notch. You won't find better anywhere else.

Thanks for the good feedback.

 by Albert Botton
Location: Marion, IA

My LTD runs & idles the best I have ever had one of these run. I didn't even have to pull the carbs off once (after install). Thanks for the new screws, they look much better than the original chrome ones (76 LTD).
Fantastic fit and functionality. Thank you.

Good deal and thanks!

 by Josh
Location: Decatur, IN

I highly recommend Randakk's Viton carb kit and the Carburetor Repair Guide. Just start at page one, follow all the steps, and you're going to be in good shape. My GL1200 literally purrs like a kitten! Shortly after the carb overhaul I had the stator fail on my bike and had to pull the engine (talk about bad luck)! In the process, I tore one of Randakk's intake elbow o-rings and purchased a replacement at one of the local auto shops. After this, the bike didn't idle right at all. Randall sent me a set of replacement o-rings out at no charge (which he didn't owe me, I 'm the one who tore the old one). At any rate, when I removed the "auto store" intake o-ring, it was swollen and came out in two pieces. Sure glad I didn't put cheap 'auto store' o-rings inside the carbs! Once I installed the new Randakk's o-ring, my smooth idle returned. Definitely get what you pay for in this kit - I appreciate all the help!

Josh:Glad you had a good outcome!

 by Jim Carlton
Location: Canton, OH

After spending a few weeks going through the stages of "carb denial" on a newly acquired GL1000, I broke down and ordered the master carb kit. Randaak's shipping was IMMEDIATE and over a holiday weekend to boot. I meticulously put everything together after reading all of the blogs, tips, and articles by Randaak. Bike fires up and idles with just a tap of the starter button. All the O-rings fit perfectly. Anyone who spends as much time and effort on support, writing "how to" articles, and prompt shipping will always have my business. Don't cheap out, do it once.

Jim: Thanks for the good report. Randakk

 by Tim Huelster

If you need a carburetor kit, this is the one to buy. Plain and simple, It just fits! I now have that operating mode back that was lost for a while. It's called IDLE. Thanks for a very fine product.

Tim GL1000 1976

Tim: Thanks for the good feedback!

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